Former U of Penn football player dies diving for lobster


22-year old Joseph Grasso died on Wednesday diving for lobster in Pompano Beach, Florida. The former University of Pennsylvania linebacker was diving for lobster with a large group on a commercial diving boat. After the group returned to the boat Joseph decided to head back into the water alone. It wasn’t long before the other divers noticed that Joseph had not emerged from the 40-feet of water. He was eventually found unconscious by the crew and rushed to Broward Health North Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to the Broward’s Sheriff’s Office, the death does not appear to be suspicious. However, due to heavy traffic during mini-lobster season the Coast Guard advises to always dive in groups. The Florida Fish and Wildlife commission claims to have seen many safety violations by divers.

Joseph played 31 games in 3 seasons for the Quakers and averaged 1.39 tackles per game. He graduated from the Ivy League school with honours and was going to attend law school at the University of Miami this fall.


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